plastic injection molding machine price

Quick Details

Type:injection molding
Plastic Type:Thermoplastic
Injection Weight:129g
Injection Rate:100g/s
Clamping Force:680KN
Opening Stroke:270mm
After-sales Service Provided:Overseas third-party support available
color:red and blue
capacity:low noise
feature:high-speed.precision,energy-saving,safety and reliability
advantage:serco motor
design style:sleek.strong.reflecting the high-speed injection streamlined
economic benefits:obvious--more than 30-50% electricity can be saved
difference:adopt the advanced international control technology
control system:high performance
overall execution standard:GB22530-2008


Used Plastic Injection Blow Molding Machines
1) All computer control system
2) Servo motor help to save energy

The key advantages

Save of energy
High speed system response and short molding cycle
Largely decrease system oil temperature
Reduce mold open and close crash to extend service time of machine and mold tool.
To extend service life of oil piping system, to reduce maintenance possibilities and save maintenance cost.
Higher requirement for hydraulic oil; provides with imported high quality oil strainer.

Screw Diametermm263034
Screw L/D RatioL/D24.22119.5
Injection PressureMpa207156121
Shot Volume(Theoretical)cm383110142
Injection Weightg75100129
Injection Rateg/s5878100
Plasticizing Capacityg/s71014
Screw Speedrpm0-240
Injection Strokemm156
Clamp TonnageKN680
Toggle Strokemm270
Space Between Tie Barsmm310*310
Max.Mould Heightmm330
Min.Mould Heightmm120
Daylight Openingmm600
Ejector TonnageKN70
Ejector Strokemm22
Ejector Numberpiece1
System PressureMpa16
Pump motor PowerKW9
Heater PowerKW5.4
Hopper CapacityKg25
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)m3.64*1.11*1.74
Oil Tank CapacityL110
Machine Weightt2.6


The series injection molding machine is with efficient,precise,energy saving,safe,reliable,beautiful features;
Injection speed up to 120 mm/s(high),product quality REpaetability ≤ 0.05 %(precision),the whole energy-saving level up to the national standard,barrel heating energy saving 30~50%(energy);
Using high-performance screw barrel assembly;
Using high-performance servo power controlling system;
Control system responds faster,higher sensitivity and reproducibility,good stability,anti-interference ability,low power consumption,the closed-loop control;
Sleek,strong,reflecting the high-speed injection,streamlined design style;
Maintenance is simple,low maintenance cost and long servise life;
Overall execution GB22530-2008”Rubber plastic injection molding machine safety requirements”standard(safety,reliability),fully meet the technical requirements of exporting European countries.
GSHS-Servo Energy Saving series
GS-HS plastic injection machine of oil-electric compound system control series is the product newly developed by Guangsu Company with feature of economic benefits,energy saving,high response and low noise.
Structure principle during actual working status,the system directly feedbacks the pressure-flow rate singal through exit pressure sensor of oil pump and cycloscope to the high speed servo driver.The servo driver gives out electric signal to servo driving motor and oil pump,allowing of corresponding change to pressure and flow rate,therefore,theclosed clrcuit control of pressure and flow rate is realized.