injection molding machine hydraulic system

Quick Details

Material:Carbon Steel cast iron
Name:Hydraulic solenoid valve
Standard:Customer settings
Structure:AB A
Usage:hydraulic system
Thread:NPT G
Nominal size:6DN 10DN
Maximum flow:180L/min
temperature range:-20 to70 degree

Technical Parameters

1Dia.of screwmm55
2Screw L/D22
3Shot volumecm³430
4Injection Weightg400
5Injection PressureMpa161
6Max.screw strokemm220
7Max.screw speedrpm10-235
8Heating capacitykw13
9No.of heating zoneQty3
10clamping&blowing system
11clamping force of injectionKN600
12clamping force of blowingKN152
13opening stroke of mold plantmm140
14lifign height of rotary tablemm75
15max.platen sizemm780*390
16min.mold thicknessmm280
17heating capacity of mouldKw4
18stripping system
19stripping trokemm220
20driving system
21motor powerkw30
22hydraulic pressureMpa14
23product range
24suitable bottle rangeL0.015-0.85
25max.bottle heightmm≤210
26max.dia.of bottlemm≤120
28dry cycles4.5
29min.Air pressureMpa1.2
30discharge rate of compressed airm³/min>0.8
31water flowagem³/h3.5
32total rated power with mold heatingKw45.5
34net weightT10

Quality Assurance

1, Guarantee of the equipment supplied by our company is a new unused using the latest design and suitable material made, and in all aspects meets the quality specification and performance stipulated in the contract.

2, The company guarantee provided by the equipment after its correct guidance in the whole system work 3 days after the installation and debugging, to achieve product technical performance indicators.

3, Our company guarantee in the quality guarantee period stipulated in the contract, the design process of for supplying equipment manufacturing installation debugging or material defects and all caused by the seller’s responsibility is responsible for any defects in the production line of fault and damage.

4, The whole machine quality guarantee period for the production line for 12 months after acceptance. If found in quality guarantee period, the quality of the goods or the specification and is not in conformity with the provisions of the contract, or prove that the goods are defective (including potential defects or the use of substandard materials, etc.), the buyer is entitled to according to the inspection certificate issued by the legal department of the goods within the quality guarantee period the seller treatment scheme is put forward.

5, The company to the quality of the product on the mechanical properties of the supplied equipment and guarantee of product consumption index.

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