High Quality PVC Conduit Pipe Sale

Quick Details

Material:PVC, ABS tube with hole
Standard:SCH 1/2 ABS
Name:ABS Pipe And Fittings
Features:High durability , Smooth operation
Advantages:Raw material saving , heavy earth loads ,
Market:Noth America, Europe, Australia, South Asia
Fcatory:Since 1995 for plastic pipe
Quality:Superior durability
Sample:ABS Pipe availiable
Color:Blue ABS Tube

Brief Introduction

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most broadly used thermoplastic materials, common to many industrie.
PVC is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, and many other corrosive materials.
The wide range of joining options that include solvent welding, threaded and mechanical connections make it ideal for easy, error free installations.

Technical Specification Of Sonic Welding Together ABS Pipe

ItemParameterUnder thereUniteTesting resultRemark
2Specific GravityGB1033-86G/ cm31.48
6Lengthways ShrinkageGB/T6671-2001%4
7Soft PointGB/T8802-200179

Chracteristic Of Sonic Welding ABS Pipe And Fittings

PVC pipe and fittings are ideal for numerous applications including chemical delivery systems, potable water systems, water treatment systems, irrigation systems, vacuum lines, and many other industrial applications such as chilled water systems, industrial plating, and chemical drainage systems.
We also offers various pipe end options including: drill hole on pipe, welding pipe with spray nozzel and threaded as well as custom dimensions and lengths.

Advantages Of Welding Together ABS Pipe And Fittings

1. Manufactured from low fill, virgin PVC resin
2. Superior load capacity
3. Lightweight and available in long lengths
4. 50 year design life, superior corrosion and abrasion resistance
5. can be designed as a smaller and less expensive pipe
6. Easier and less expensive to install
7. PVC pipe extruded with a smooth interior, with excellent durability and resistance to abrasion and scour.

Our Services

1. OEM and customization are welcome.
2. We provide 24-hour online service.
3. The small order can be supplied in 7days.
4. Provide video guidance.