Plastic Spoons Injection Machine

Quick Details

Condition: New
Type: Preform Injection
Style: Horizontal
Plastic Type: Thermoplastic
Automatic: Yes
Injection Weight: 211g-268g
Injection Rate: 250mm/s
Clamping Force: 1600KN
Opening Stroke: 420mm
Power(W): 13.55kw
Certification: ISO9001:2008 /CE
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Product name: Plastic Injection Molding Machines
Machine weight: 7.0t
Machine dimension(L*W*H): 5.37m*1.50m*1.80m
Injection pressure: 171-217Mpa
Screw Diameter: 40-45mm
screw L/D ratio: 20-22L/D
injection capacity in theory: 232-294 cm3
Plasticzing capacity: 28-40 g/s
Screw speed: 400 rpm
space between tie-bars: 520 x 470 mm


Product Description

Thin-wall high speed IMM series is based on years of experiment and researching,specifically for the molding cycle is short,high speed injection molding requirement products. Outstanding performance in the aspects of motion characteristics, machine precision,service life and so on.Widely used in packaging,medical and 3C electronic products.
(1) The barrel adopts infrared ray heat insulation device.With infrared ray radiation heating mode,it has quick heating,high efficiency,energy saving,longer service life and other advantages.
(2) The position measurement of moving mold-plate adopts the magnetostrictive displacement sensor.Using the non-contact measurement,it can transmit digital signals and make the measuring data accurate and reliable. Meanwhile,with the high repeat precision,it can fully improve the position precision of the moving mold-plate.
(3) With optimized design of bent elbow connecting rod clamping structure,it has a smooth movement curve.With higher strength design,it makes the unit run steadily and have a longer service life.
(4) The feet slip structure of moving mold-plate is new designed oblique-wedge.It increases the support area and makes the point forward.While loading the mold,it can effectively keep the parallel precision of the mold-plate.


Technical Parameters

Injection UnitScrew diametermm4045
screw L/D ratioL/D2220
injection capacity in theory cm3232294
injection weight (ps) g211268
injection pressure MPa217171
injection velocitymm/s250
Plasticzing capacityg/s2840
Screw speedrpm400
Clamping unit clamping force kN1600
moving mould-plate strodemm420
max.mould heightmm530
min.mould heightmm150
space between tie-barsmm520 x 470
hydraulic ejector force kN62
hydraulic ejector strokemm130
Ejector Numbern5
Otherpump pressureMPa16
Motor/Driving powerkW37
Heating capacitykW13.55
Machine dimensionm5.37 x 1.50 x 1.80
Machine weightt7.0
Oil tank capacityL280


Standard equipment

1) Double cylinder balancing injections
2) High-torque oil-motor preplasticizing
3) Five pivots minus relief angle, double toggles, machine hinge
mold locking
4) Cabinet-type holder integrates the mold plate
5) Oil motor driven gear mold adjusting
6) Storage-type grease lubricating
7) Pressure and flow whole-proportion running
8) High-performance, low-noise oil pump
9) Multi-step pressure and speed adjusting
10) High-precision position linear transducer
11) Digital memory for mold group


Injection unit

1) Four injection pressures and speeds with three additional
pressures and speeds
2) Suck back function
3) Cold start protection
4) Pre-suck back function
5) Linear displacement transducer accurately monitor injection
position, providing optimum. injection accuracy and control
6) Temperature control
7) Heating Status indication


Clamping unit

1) Three clamp close and open pressures and speeds
2) Mold protection function
3) Hydraulic ejector stroke controlled by transducer
4) Automatic hydraulic die-height adjustment driven by planetary
gears system
5) Adjustable support under moving platen
6) Automatic high pressure toggle lubrication with low oil level alarm
7) Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety interlock devices
8) Linear displacement transducer controls clamping position

Other parts

1) Independent core in / out pressure and speed
2) Hydraulic unscrewing sequence
3) Hydraulic oil high temperature alarm
4) System pressure gauge
5) Shot counter and reset function
6) Malfunction alarm light



(1) With CANbus EtherCAT bus communication,the computer system is full digital controlled.

(2) The temperature control adopts special control module.The accuracy can achieve 1 degree.

(3) With the power monitoring function,it can monitor the current energy consumption during the production.

(4) The special single cylinder structure drastically reduces the return-oil amount during the high speed injection.At the same time,it reduces the return-oil pressure.In this way,it increases machine injection acceleration.

(5) In using the graphite steel sets as well as thin oil lubrication,the bent elbow connecting rods and guide bars have better bearing resistance and abrasive resistance.The machine has a longer service life.

(6) Controlled by the proportional direction valve,the movement can accelerate quickly.During the high speed running,it can operate steadily and precisely control the mold open position.

(7) The hydraulic system adopts double servo drive control.It has the advantages of high efficiency,energy saving and low noise.Meanwhile,it can realize mold-open and charge synchronization function.