injection molding machine components

Quick Details

Condition: New
Type: Injection molding machine
Plastic Type: Thermoplastic
Automatic: Yes
Injection Weight: 5146g
Injection Rate: 823g/s
Clamping Force: 8080N
Opening Stroke: 1040mm
Power(W): 61.3kW
Certification: ISO9001
After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available
capability: save much more energy
colour: red or blue


1 LCD computer control with big display screen

2 Hydraulic proportional valve

3 Generous space for fitting large moulds

4 Large opening stroke

5 Two positon transducers to control clamping and injection

6 4-stage of injection speed, 3-stage of holding pressure, 4-stage of metering phase can be setup according to products' requirement.

7 Optimal platen design, with toggle junction casting together with platen improves rigidity of mechanical system hence improves product dimensions accuracy

8 Screw and barrel are made of high quality new materials, which extended the service life

9 Screw back pressure control

10 Multiple hydraulic ejection

11 Differential area high speed clamping

12 centralized lubrication system

13 All hydraulic components and seals are offered by famous international manufacturers

14 Mechanical safety interlock

15 Electrical safety interlock

16 Oil return filter


The series injection molding machine is with efficient,precise,energy saving,safe,reliable,beautiful features;

Injection speed up to 120 mm/s(high),product quality REpaetability ≤ 0.05 %(precision),the whole energy-saving level up to the national standard,barrel heating energy saving 30~50%(energy);

Using high-performance screw barrel assembly;

Using high-performance servo power controlling system;

Control system responds faster,higher sensitivity and reproducibility,good stability,anti-interference ability,low power consumption,the closed-loop control;

Sleek,strong,reflecting the high-speed injection,streamlined design style;

Maintenance is simple,low maintenance cost and long servise life;

Overall execution GB22530-2008”Rubber plastic injection molding machine safety requirements”standard(safety,reliability),fully meet the technical requirements of exporting European countries.


It is equipped with the modern fashion standard in the aspects of production,design,machining technique,outline design.It lays the greatstress on the development,absorbs and introduces the excellent managing concepts,studies and develops the top grade skill and technology,fosters the professionally qualified personnel.Executing one-stop service and special-people responsible system to the sale,design,installation,troubleshooting and maintenance,we have accumulated abundant practial experien and products adjustment data.