Quick Details

Material:Virgin Pvc Resin
Usage:General Plastics
Appearance:Soft Sheath Granules
Name:60 degrees PVC Compound applied to pvc pipes raw material
Key words:pvc pipes raw material

Product Description

1. Cost Efficiency
2. Ease of Installation
3. Durability and Strength
4. Resistance to Weatherization
5. Flame Resistance Properties
6. Ease of Processing/Blending
7. Resistance to Grease, Oil and Chemicals
8. Chemically Stable and does not De-polymerize
9. Electrical Insulation Properties (ideal for use in wire and cables)

Competitive Advantage

1. Keeping in studying and researching of technology, high quality material, advanced equipment and experienced workers.
2. We have a complete range of products.
You can choose the PVC compound as below:
According to hardness ( Rigid,Semi-rigid,Soft)
According to function (Insulation,Anti-oil,Anti-cold,High temperature resistance,Wear resistant,Low odor and so on.)
3. Customized specification are available.
4. All raw material can pass CTI, PONY, SGS, UTS ,REACH, ROHS test reports.
5. We have strong R&D ability and quality control ability.
Our company is a professional supplier of PVC compound granules for more than 20 years, integrating research, development,manufacture and trade together with rich experience. We have strong R&D ability and quality control ability.
6. We have ten utility model patents.
7. We are suppliers of raw materials. The general motors, the large electrical components factories and so on are our customers and they cooperate directly.
8. Product packaging and mode of transportation are all fixed.
Package: Usually 25kg net weight in a kraft bag with insider PE bag or other Seaworthy Packing as required.( such as tonnage jumbo bags, carton box and so on.)
Transportation modes: motor, rail, air, sea.